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Social Library turned 4 today!

Social Library turned 4 today!

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Nation’s First Library Social Worker Helps Give Hope to the Homeless | KQED

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Visitors to San Francisco are often shocked by the number of people living on the streets. Some of those homeless are among the 5,000 people who each day use the city’s Main Library. A few years ago, the San Francisco Public Library became the first in the nation to hire a full-time social worker to help them.

Doug Mirams's insight:

Profile of Leah Esguerra, San Francisco Public Library’s resident psychiatric social worker. The first full-time social worker hired by a public library, Esguerra walks  around assisting the many homeless clients which use the library’s space. 

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Instructables’ Build Nights | Make It @ Your Library

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Coming to a Library Makerspace near you: Instructable Build Nights. Great partnership potential from one of the best community-driven websites, Instructables.

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4:58 pm - Sat, Apr 12, 2014

Births can now be registered at libraries in Heywood

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Families from Heywood and Middleton are now able to have their births fully registered within the council’s boundary at…

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New program allows babies born at North Manchester General Hospital (UK) now have their births registered at their local library, where newborns will be given library cards and show what early literacy programs and supports are available.

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Project for Public Spaces | Outside the Box: From Local Library to Community Center

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We believe what starts at the library can transform an entire community! Following oursuccessful pilot program, we are thrilled to announce another year of Outside the Box – a partnership between library service non-profit OCLC and Redbox – to provide free, fun entertainment events in local communities across the United States centered around public libraries and their public spaces. This year, up to 20 communities will be selected for Outside the Box, with the local library driving community brainstorming and planning sessions and hosting events.

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5:24 pm - Mon, Apr 7, 2014

Lit Up: Literary Style in Arlington - Arlington Public Library

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What a great idea from Arlington (VA) Public Library, aimed at Millennials with such ideas a Commuter Book Club, Books on Tap Book Club at a Beer Garden, Shut Up and Write aspiring author meetups and more. As they describe it “We know you love books and reading, and going out. So add some Literary Style to your social life, and get Lit Up.”

— spotted by Nico Piro (@NicoEatsBooks) at Computers In Libraries (Tweet: Here is the page behind @alexzealand next big thing: http://library.arlingtonva.us/lit-up/  @ArlingtonVALib’s push for metro renter programs #cildc)

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9:35 am - Wed, Apr 2, 2014

DOKLAB Multitouch blog

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DOKLAB blog about multitouch technology and applications.

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This report from Doklab (Netherlands) looks at the introduction and implementation of multitouch tables in libraries and speaks to a large issue around technology adoption, especially emerging technology in public libraries. In their first paragraph there is the very telling sentence, “During our Extreme Library Makeovers we noticed that multitouch tables were not always being used, and were switched off.”  The report then goes on to discuss why these tables are underutilized through use of applications (“We have noticed that it works much better to show one application on the table at a time. […] This makes it a lot clearer to the visitors what they can do with multitouch technology”) to the more telling reason, staff indifference ( “It is even more important to involve staff in the use of the application: they are the representatives fo the service. […] No wonder sometimes the tables are switched off.”). As we all start to redefine our rolls and advocate for libraries to be technoloy showrooms and advocates to their communities (see the promotional campaigns done at SXSW), lessons learnt here with multitouch tables are ones we can all heed.

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2:24 pm - Sun, Mar 30, 2014

The Future For Public Libraries: Specialized Features Not Starbucks

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My head is still spinning from Panos Mourdoukoutas’ post at Forbes last week suggesting that there should be a Starbucks in every local library. Granted it appeared in Forbes and they slant corporate but it might just be the most … Continue reading →
The post The Future For Public Libraries: S

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In response to Forbes columnist advocating for libraries to include Starbucks in their public buildings, Michael Lieberman profiles South Korean libraries which have expanded their facilities as examples for North American libraries to follow.

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8:40 pm - Mon, Mar 24, 2014
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Rosario Dawson, shares her love for libraries with California librarians Ann Awakuni (@AnnAwakuni) and Yemila Alvaraz (@Yemila) after Dawson’s panel, Star Power: Innovative Ways to Engage Millennials

1:34 pm - Sun, Mar 23, 2014
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CPL will create a Wi-Fi hotspot lending program pilot at select library branches, encouraging residents in these communities to borrow Wi-Fi hotspots for up to three weeks at a time. To help patrons build their digital skills, CPL will also provide one-on-one digital literacy and skills coaching along with access to effective online tutorials. This training will be provided by the library’s current digital training corps, called CyberNavigators, and with the assistance of outside organizations as training partners.

For patrons who lack both broadband access and a computer at home, CPL will launch a pilot computer-lending program, in which specially-tagged and outfitted laptops would be loaned in combination with the Hotspots.

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