7:58 am - Mon, Sep 22, 2014

The impact of a library on democracy in Zimbabwe - Uppsala

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Jackson Ndlovu explains the importance of books and how ENMT develops reading and democracy. (Möt Jackson Ndlovu, ledare för ENMT som förser skolor i Zimbabwe med bibliotek. Ikväll kl 18.30 på Stadsbibblan.

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5:10 pm - Sat, Sep 20, 2014

Why do people who love libraries love libraries? - The Ubiquitous Librarian - The Chronicle of Higher Education

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Doug Mirams's insight:

Good question from Brian Matthews to get your library towards being more “Social”: 

"It is easy to develop assumptions about what a library is or what it should be, especially if you work in administration. But I encourage everyone to stop once in a while and ask people why they are the [sic] your building. Not just what they are doing, but why library space instead of anywhere else. The answers may surprise you."

— originally spotted by Buffy J. Hamilton (@buffyjhamilton)

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11:27 am - Thu, Sep 18, 2014

‘StoryMobs’ help Toronto Public Library reach out to youth | Toronto Star

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The StoryMobs are created by Gretel Meyer Odell and Roxanne Deans, who “see this initiative as a way of inspiring a sense of community and nurturing literacy and imagination,

Doug Mirams's insight:

"Flash mobs — with a family-friendly twist" is the way the Toronto Star has described the four StoryMobs which Toronto Public Library ran this past summer. Great way to bring reading alive and celebrate as a community.

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8:27 am - Wed, Sep 10, 2014

New Frederick County PL Library Card Doubles as a Visa Card

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Frederick County Public Libraries (FCPL) on September 5 officially launched the “I Love My Library” prepaid Visa debit card, which doubles as a library card

Doug Mirams's insight:

Seeing an opportunity to expand it’s financial literacy programming, and provide a new revenue stream to the library Frederick County (Maryland) Public Libraries, in partnership with SirsiDynix, VISA and Card Limited to create an affinity card which doubles as a library card. FCPL also deepened its ties to local businesses through a Linkable Network feature to offer discounts to library clients using the card. 

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8:01 am

What will libraries lend next?

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Examples of uncommon collections loaned by libraries

Doug Mirams's insight:

This Pinterest Board from the American Library Association (Headquarters Library) is a great visual respresentation of special collection which libraries have throughout the United States, from sledghammers to cake tins.

— spotted by Kathleen Spahn @kmsitall

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5:38 pm - Sun, Sep 7, 2014

City Library turns out 50 pounds of honey

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Honey is harvested from hives kept on top of Salt Lake’s City Library. The hives are maintained by the city’s officially designated beekeeper.

Doug Mirams's insight:

Another example of locally grown food with public library as four communal bee hives are setup ontop of Salt Lake City’s downtown library. So successful has the project been that up to 100 pounds of honey have been collected each year, with the honey also being entered into the Utah State Fair in early September. 

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9:57 am - Sun, Aug 31, 2014
Quality is now a given. Quality alone is not remarkable.
Surprise and delight and connection are remarkable.

Seth Godin

To all the remarkable librarians I know, hoping you continue to surprise, delight and connect with your communities

8:07 am - Sat, Aug 30, 2014

News Challenge to explore role of libraries in the digital age

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Photo illustration made with images from Flickr users Thomas Hawk and Sourabh Rath. On Sept. 10, we’re opening the next …

Doug Mirams's insight:

U.S. librarians, got any ideas about how to maintain the centrality of public libraries in the digital age? The Knight Foundation wants to hear from you and starting September 10th you could win their News Challenge. 

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1:24 pm - Fri, Aug 29, 2014

Between Books & Trees: A unique, ecological design for a new public library

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JAJA shared their latest proposal, which was awarded third prize, for a new public library in Daegu, South Korea. 

Doug Mirams's insight:

Nice to see a design which incorporates the surrounding environment. Hopefully JAJA will be given another opportunity to create a similar version of this proposed library again.

Favourite quote: “JAJA, typically noted for their form making abilities, have opted for a minimialistic formal language of the architecture, so that the streamlined library can capture the textures of the existing trees and the books within to create a cohesive experience that celebrates both.”

— spotted by Linda Green (The Library Scoop).

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